Bible School for the Nations

BSN (Bible School for the Nations)

The BSN chronologically studies through the OT and NT to discover the truths of the Bible that transform individuals and nations. Skills are taught to interpret the Bible in the context of its history, culture and grammar, to approach difficult passages, to construct a biblical timeline resource, and to creatively and effectively communicate the Word of God.


BSN’s 3 major goals:

  1. To teach an OVERVIEW of the BIBLE: We chronologically study through the whole Bible, highlighting the Nature and Character of God along the way—after all it’s His story. The last two weeks of the course are designed to teach how God’s story has continued since the Bible. We teach how Liberty has spread across the world from the early church to today! We use Historical-Grammatical Approach.
  2. To build a BIBLICAL WORLDVIEW : As you examine the Gospel message and God’s principles of discipling nations, including the areas of the family, the church, education, civil government and economics, you will be challenged to align your worldview, your message and your methods with those of the Book.  Grow in your love for God as you deepen in your understanding of His character and as you build a Biblical foundation for life and ministry.
  3. To Train PEOPLE to be TEACHERS! One of the main goals in the BSN is to train teachers who can effectively teach and disciple the nations.  The BSN outreach works alongside the Biblical Education and Leadership Training (BELT) ministry.


This course is approved as a Bible Core Course with the University of the Nations.

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