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THE MINISTRY OF HOSPITALITY – Practicing Hospitality is the 17th Foundational Value in Youth With a Mission. Watch our special presentation featuring the five primary activities of the Hospitality Ministry at the YWAM Antipolo Training Center, in the Philippines.   HOSPITALITY HOST: Victoria Pace Primary camera & editing by Mitch Metzger Secondary B-roll footage provided […]

THE MINISTRY OF COOKING at the YWAM Antipolo Training Center

THE MINISTRY OF COOKING β€”at the YWAM Antipolo Training Center Everyday, different teams are assigned to the kitchen for meal prep. We seldom have less than 26 people in the building. During training seasons, we will have over 50 people in the dining area β€” sometimes more!   Script writer, camera and editing credits to: […]


MARKETING DAY ADVENTURE β€”a special production from the YWAM Antipolo Training Center in the Philippines Every Wednesday is our marketing day. All the menu items and grocery items are purchased to feed approx 28 people for one week.   Kitchen Manager: Janieth Pace III Driver & Assistant: Jonathan Graham Camera & Editing: Mitch Metzger   […]

Global Prayer Initiative

YWAM MOVEMENT – GLOBAL PRAYER INITIATIVE SEPTEMBER 2020 All YWAMers are invited to assemble before God, locally and virtually, throughout the world to worship, listen and respond to God in the present of circumstances globally and to receive from God a renewed commissioning/anointing to be his agents of hope in the days ahead. Today September […]