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Discipleship Training School

is an intensive, live-in six (6) month discipleship course (three (3) months of lecture phase followed by three (3) months of outreach). The DTS aims to develop the student’s character, and to help the student develop their relationship with God. The DTS provides an environment that helps the individual get the heart of God to reach the lost. The aim is to form Christian character through an obedient response to God.

DTS stands for Discipleship Training School, a six-month training which consists of 3-month lecture phase and 3-month outreach phase.

During the lecture, you’ll get to know more about God. Fundamental topics are included such as: Nature and Character of God, Father Heart of God, Worship and Intercession, Missions and Evangelism, Divine Plumbline, Making Jesus Lord, Discipleship and many more!

What are you waiting for? Come and Join us! We’ve already started accepting applicants. And the earlier you apply, the better so you may prepare yourself better, too.

The official start of the school is on the 4th day of February. You may download or fill up your application at www.ywamatc.org.

DTS Started: July 1st, 2024 until December 13th, 2024.


All of the students of the July 2024 DTS at the Antipolo Training Center
All of the staff and students of the July 2024 DTS at the Antipolo Training Center



Video compilation from the DTS that graduated last December 2023:



Started JULY 1st, 2024 at the YWAM Antipolo Training Center


All of the staff and students of the current July 2024 Word by Heart class

NEW! Bible School for the Nations (BSN)

The recent BSN was: JULY 3RD to DECEMBER 15th, 2023 in ANTIPOLO

Email- ywamatc@gmail.com

January 2022 photo – departing on outreaches on January 15th.

BSN Application Form (downloadable version)

BSN (Bible School for the Nations)

The BSN chronologically studies through the OT and NT to discover the truths of the Bible that transform individuals and nations. Skills are taught to interpret the Bible in the context of its history, culture and grammar, to approach difficult passages, to construct a biblical timeline resource, and to creatively and effectively communicate the Word of God.

BSN’s 3 major goals:

  1. To teach an OVERVIEW of the BIBLE: We chronologically study through the whole Bible, highlighting the Nature and Character of God along the way—after all it’s His story. The last two weeks of the course are designed to teach how God’s story has continued since the Bible. We teach how Liberty has spread across the world from the early church to today! We use Historical-Grammatical Approach.
  2. To build a BIBLICAL WORLDVIEW : As you examine the Gospel message and God’s principles of discipling nations, including the areas of the family, the church, education, civil government and economics, you will be challenged to align your worldview, your message and your methods with those of the Book.  Grow in your love for God as you deepen in your understanding of His character and as you build a Biblical foundation for life and ministry.
  3. To Train PEOPLE to be TEACHERS! One of the main goals in the BSN is to train teachers who can effectively teach and disciple the nations.  The BSN outreach works alongside the Biblical Education and Leadership Training (BELT) ministry.

Biblical Education & Leadership Training (BELT)

The vision of BELT is to see people transformed by the Word of God by focusing on training community and church leaders who already have a sphere of influence in their society.

BELT’s main tool presently is a series of three intensive Bible seminars called the Transformation Series. The goals for all three courses are to:

Multiply leaders who know God and His ways and are able to teach others

Equip men and women who can reason from the Scriptures to all areas of

Build unity between church

The Level One Seminar, Transformation of the Heart, focuses on the Gospel message with an emphasis on repentance and reconciliation to the purposes of God.

The Level Two Seminar, Transformation of Character, deals with Christian life matters of spiritual victory, relationships, prayer, stewardship, and leadership.

The Level Three Seminar, Transformation of Society, examines Biblical principles for societal institutions beginning with the individual, family, church and extending to education, civil government and economics.

The BELT seminars are conducted to make the teachings as culturally relevant as possible so as to meet the felt needs of the people. The New Testament or whole Bible should be available in the local language for use during the course. Translated course outlines are given to the participants at each session.

Practical application of the material taught and outreach opportunities are fundamental aspects of the course.

This course is approved as a Bible Core Course with the University of the Nations.

School of Evangelism

After the DTS is a secondary school called the School of Evangelism. A  24 week program with 12 weeks in the classroom and over 400 hours of evangelism. The perfect follow up to the DTS before launching out into a career of ministry and missions. We have 18 SOE locations internationally to choose from. The next SOE is September 23rd, 2024 to March 7th, 2025.

SOE: [pending] 2025.

School of Worship

is a secondary school in YWAM. The aim is to establish the foundations of our calling to be true worshipers. The SOW equips students on how to use worship and intercession to demolish strongholds. The students develop as worship teams and their skills in leading worship effectively in their various local churches and ministries.

SOW Graduated last March 10th, 2023

Currently, as of January 6th, 2024, there is no date available for next SOW.

SUGE’ Outdoor Adventure and Leadership Course

Since 2003, the SUGE’ Outdoor Adventure has ran 40 Batches through their five-day courses in Subic Bay, Cebu, Davao, Naga, and their “home course” in Tanay, Rizal.

A Japanese word which means: Great! Wonderful! Super! Good job! Yea! as in a shouting
proclamation at an athletic event during the scoring of a point.

The SUGE’ challenges you to discover your mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual strengths and weaknesses. Your relationship with God and others will be tested and or proven through this outdoor adventure experience and physical encounter.

You will learn to confront issues of leadership, personal identity, facing and overcoming obstacles, and preparing you for life decisions.

The NEXT SUGE’ will be:

un-decided as of April 4th, 2024

possible next SUGE’ is 2025.

Cost is Php3,500

Contact Mitch Metzger @ gomitch2@hotmail.com