Applications for Students & Staff can be accessed through these two options:

Application Form (online) — 30 minutes Application Form (downloadable version)

          Send Application to:

Share this page to your Employer/Ministry Leader, Friend, and Pastor. After they complete the forms, they will send, and we will automatically receive the confidential form on your behalf.

Reference Form for Employer/Ministry Leader Reference Form for Pastor Reference Form for Friend Medical Form (downloadable only)

Medical Form Instructions: You will need to download the paper (pdf version), print, and bring with you to the clinic of your choice. After completing the Medical Form, scan, and email it to us.    

          Send Medical Form to:

Note: For those applying for the School of Worship (SOW), you will need to complete these supplemental questions. For those applying for the Bible School for the Nations (BSN), don’t forget to download your Medical Form also.   

School of Worship (online) — 20 minutes School of Worship Questions (downloadable version) Bible School for the Nations (BSN) Application Form